Portfolio Solutions For Landlords & Investors


If you are a landlord or investor with a portfolio of 1 or 100 properties and you need support in handling your portfolio, your debt or your bank – we have a solution for you:

Supporting Landlords & Investors…

HWP’s Portfolio Solutions team provide advice and services for landlords who are looking for help with their assets. Whether you are considering a sale, managing your estate or you are under pressure from your financial institutions to meet repayments or resolve outstanding arrears, we can help you find a solution.

We have a wealth of experience helping property owners prepare a case to put to their bank or banks, outline a potential solution and reach a mutually-acceptable solution. Over the last 3 years we have helped over 50 landlords find solutions for over 350 properties. As part of that we have managed the disposal of over €100 million of property assets and recovered debt of over €50 million.

An Expert Advisor On Your Side…

Unlike many other agents who are solely acting for the banks, we are working with borrowers and landlords to be your dedicated agent. We sit on your side providing support, advice and expertise to help you analyse your portfolio, talk to your bank and come to a solution. We can provide services in sales, lettings and management to execute any solution.

Talking to us is free. We will provide valuations and analyse your portfolio without charging you. If we can come to a solution then our fees will typically only be charged when we have successfully sold your assets up for disposal, usually taking the standard agency fee from sales proceeds.

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