Portfolio Solutions: Case Study

HWP have managed portfolios for over 50 clients in the last 3 years. Some of our most recent case studies are as follows:

Case Study 1: Ring-fencing the family home…

A typical example of a successful managed disposal of assets includes our client with a portfolio of 25 assets held between 5 separate lenders. Our solution was as follows:

  • HWP seek involvement with the property owner before defaulting loans cause lenders to step in and appoint a receiver or take control of assets.
  • Approached all lenders on behalf of the owner with a prepared analysis and solution to the existing default in order to dispose of assets and minimise lender exposure.
  • Proactive approach with actionable strategy provides a welcome solution for all parties and greatly reduces costs, time and conflict.
  • Voluntary, mutual agreement to dispose 24 properties while allowing the borrower to retain their current home on an affordable repayment schedule.
  • Lenders recouped acceptable proportions of their outstanding loans while the borrower had a fair, managed exit while retaining their own home.

A mutually-acceptable solution that resolved the situation for both the borrower and mortgage-holders that allowed the owner to retain his home, reduce his exposure and release himself from the stress of impossible repayments.

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