Time to keep Airbnb’s move beyond the sharing economy in check

A recent report states Airbnb is one of the original disruptors. It basically disrupted the hotel and professional hospitality industry by providing a cheaper alternative using the so-called sharing economy. It was never the businesses intention to be a disruptor of the housing market – the ‘roof over our heads’ market. The extent to which […]

One in four households in receipt of HAP payments needs top-up

According to a recent report One in four households in receipt of the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) needs a top-up from local authorities to keep them in their homes. New figures show all councils except Leitrim are using discretionary powers to increase payments to landlords beyond approved limits. Two councils, Mayo and Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown, show […]

Hundreds affected by mistakes in mortgage calculations

According to a report, hundreds of homeowners have had their monthly mortgage repayments calculated incorrectly by the largest credit servicing firm in the State. Pepper Asset Servicing has admitted that some people have been charged too much on their mortgages, with others charged too little. Customers have also been issued with incorrect mortgage statements. The […]