The importance of young buyers in today’s market

Times are interesting for Irish home buyers, and they’re even more so for those below the age of 35, many of whom are beginning to establish themselves in a career. If you are looking to sell your property, young home buyers are likely to form a substantial portion of your target market. The residential team […]

Residential property prices rise by 12.5% in the year to June 2014 estate agents residential team is happy to report that, June was a good month for house prices; the latest figures released by CSO show that property has gone up 12.5% when compared to June last year. This is the biggest annual increase since the peak of the boom in 2007. During research undertaken by […]

Portfolio Solutions: Case Study

HWP have managed portfolios for over 50 clients in the last 3 years. Some of our most recent case studies are as follows: Case Study 1: Ring-fencing the family home… A typical example of a successful managed disposal of assets includes our client with a portfolio of 25 assets held between 5 separate lenders. Our […]