‘The price went up €45k in a matter of hours’ – First-time buyer trying to ‘do the best thing’ for his young family

Liam Harding knew something was out of kilter pretty soon into the house-hunting process. He had arranged to see a three-bedroomed house in Dublin’s Drumcondra one Friday afternoon. “We went along to see it and it was a really wet day. There was literally water pouring in the windows that had tape over them to […]

Compensation for 10,000 as tracker loan scandal likely to cost banks €1bn

In a recent report it stated almost 10,000 mortgage holders will have their tracker mortgages restored and get thousands of euro in compensation. In what is now the biggest overcharging scandal in the history of the State, it has emerged that up to 15 lenders are being forced to restore the valuable trackers and make […]